When I have moments of self-doubt I am forced to retreat into my headphones. Each moment of weakness or slight disappointment  drives me into their warm caress to hide and think about my mistakes. Those tones and their inviting wealth of brilliance never fails to help me find my center. Though I may not be able to apologize or change those bad decisions music allows me a minor escape from the reality of a tough choice or a wrong path taken. I am made to remember and helped to forget any and all problems that I may face when being taken by the hand and led into sound.

This afternoon PEPEPIANO revealed his self titled full length and it has me entranced. Ever since first hearing No Way I have been closely following each and every interesting mixture of electronics he has pieced together. Each piece that is released always feels like a labor of love and every song he has recorded he offers to share with us all for free. This album drips pure electronic bliss from start to finish. The opener Total Bust seems ironic once it begins and then immediately begins to let you know you have found something special. Both a remastered and in my opinion upgraded version of Bruce Springsteen and the recently posted single Los Angeles make an appearance among the albums ten tracks as do a slew of new and infectious tracks that each has its own special moments of electronic genius. The album is available for download now via Bandcamp and you should head over and do so the moment you finish reading this.

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