They slid in slowly swirling above us like two lovers beneath sheets. Their soft bodies pressed and turned writhing together in the sky. The light outside began to disappear behind the blinds making our shadows vanish. We clutched each other tightly as the sounds grew and the rain began to fall. The lightning bled like strobe light fury through our windows and the rain pounded on the roof. We huddled together holding each other and staring in each others eyes trapped beneath those cold grey skies.

The featured single today comes from a five track EP called These Things I Know from Austin’s Milezo which was released through Bandcamp last December. It evokes a certain beach vibe with its psychedelic influences and its lush heartwarming vocals. The voices ring out in unison over relaxed lo-fi pop tantalizing your ears. The rest of the EP is no slouch either with a nice mixture of laid back psychedelic grooves and upbeat dance numbers. The entire EP is available for free download via the bands Bandcamp so head over and give it a listen.

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