I was becoming extremely tense at work sometimes to the point of a fury that would leave me hiding in the office supply closet shaking and grinding my teeth. Something had to be done before I was forced to quit my job all together left penniless and disheveled without my lonely apartment or those luxury items that I found so comforting. I made the appointment on a Monday which is normally only the start of the tremors. The doctor left me with a prescription and I had swung by the pharmacy to pick it up. After taking the work drugs I found that I no longer had any worry or self doubts at work and was able to face each day as a new man awake in the fact that this job had no real meaning.

Philadelphia’s Work Drugs had already impressed me after hearing their first single Third Wave and the latest Dog Daze has me even more impressed with its slowed down sexy fog rolling slowly into my ears. The single is a tripped out ride over a smooth slick bass line with subtle hints of keys and an injected falsetto vocal that sneaks its way in, in all of the right places making for a slice of almost psychedelic rhythm and blues. These smooth sailing and relaxing sounds of Work Drugs can be found through the group’s Bandcamp along with Third Wave and if this is your introduction to Work Drugs I suggest having a listen to both and letting your mind drift away.

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