Even those with the kindest hearts cannot contain their rage forever. After enough prodding and persuading by those who intend to drive us insane a reaction begins to build tumultuous behaviors and we become full of vitriol. You can see us mumbling to ourselves as our faces begin to turn red and our hands begin to shake. Violence is being bred inside of us just waiting for a perfect moment to snap and release all of the anger and pain that is stacked inside. In every one of us there is a monster or a baby elephant waiting to go mad.

Dumbo Gets Mad who you may remember from both Plumy Tale and Eclectic Prawn has released his first full length LP through Bad Panda Records. The music is created with analog synths and similar equipment giving it a vintage flavor though there is an element of a lounge in outer space lingering over each piece. The full length plays out with this mixture combining great live drum sounds and deep groovy bass backing various lyrical flavors provided by the artist and his girlfriend. There are plenty of headphone pleasing psychedelic elements to each track as well and I suggest using them when listening to hear each little trick that waits around each corner. This album will be available as a digital download through Bad Panda here for the price of a Tweet on February 2nd and you will also have a chance at a limited 12″ vinyl release as well on February 22nd through the pre-order on Big Cartel here.

Dumbo Gets Mad – Plumy Tale

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