If you have been keeping up with Cultus Vibes then you know this is a label out of Canada started by Teen Daze. The label with focus on free digital releases and will allow itself to be an outlet for many creative artists who may not have had the exposure that they deserve. This will allow them to release free digital releases and give them that jumping off point that could lead their careers in the right direction and allow for their music to be heard on a mass scale. Teen Daze also released their latest digital 7″ featuring the beat filled new single Together and its tropical vibed b-side Something as the first single. You can head over and have a listen and a download now and wait with me refreshing the page daily while we all wait to see what they have for us next.

Rumor has it (and by that I mean I read this directly from their Tumblr)that they will responsible for releasing the Little Chords EP in March and an EP later this winter for The Parish of Little Clifton that gives them two very solid releases to get us excited and them off of their feet.

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