We are sitting together with our knees touching and our hands entwined. Soon they will announce that your plane is boarding and both of us will sink inside. We will stare as far into each others eyes as possible trying to see the heart that hides inside and only beats for each other. I’ll walk with you with my arm around you shoulder as I carry your bag in my other hand. I’ll try to touch you as much as possible before we have that last kiss and you turn your back clutching my hand until it finally slips from yours and then you will fly away.

Singer/songwriter Steffaloo who you may know as the hauntingly beautiful female voice from singles by Blackbird Blackbird and more recently featured in Emay‘s remix of Blackbird Blackbird‘s Ups & Downs has just released her second single via Bandcamp. The new single Fly Away may seem to be simple with only the combination of  a voice and guitar but it opens up a world of heart tugging sound that allows that voice to soar. After hearing this as well as the previous single My Heart Beats I can’t wait to see what an EP or full length might contain. Keep your ears on this one as I have a feeling you will hear her voice on her own or in other projects soon.

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