While attempting to warm my room I sit wrapped in a robe pulling it tight every few seconds or so. The tiny space heater that I have running is taking its sweet time with filling my room with hot air. I’ll sit here reaching out my cold shivering arm and wincing in shock when the cold air glances my skin as I grasp for my coffee. I’ll take sip after sip trying to fill myself as quickly as possible with the warm liquid in hopes that it will fill me with its heat. This solitary time in the cold always makes me wish that I was there with you.

Just heard the latest single from Brooklyn’s Invisible Days which is to be released as a 7″ soon on Toilet Records. The track is called Solitary Time and is an echo chamber of psychedelic Shoegaze. The production is crisp and allows for the listener to hear each and every nook and cranny of sound within the song. Shimmering guitars ring out over a strong bass line and a steady solid drum backing. The vocal floats hazily along pausing for minor breakdown moments of sound and then sneaks its way back into the mix.The single is up for streaming and download for now on the label’s Bandcamp and physical copies should be available here with a remix on the flip.

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