For months the lights had glared off in the distance and the noise of the crowd of people traveling back and forth each morning woke everyone in our small town. The all came with their costumes still intact on the way to their hotels. Full on cowboy garb all tailored to perfect recreations of their respective historical period was spread through the banks, grocery stores and bars. Hollywood magic was being filmed and made just outside of my door and inside of my room I was creating my own original soundtrack.

I posted in January about Sutja Gutiérrez’s previous work and announced that he had an EP titled Original Soundtrack on the way and that was just recently released through his own website. The EP is made up of seven new tracks that all highlight this young mans ability to use minimal elements to make maximum psychedelic pop and have titles that suggest which sort of film scene they are the soundtrack for. The track I am featuring here Lucy (Love Scene) is only the tip of the ice burg in terms of tripped out pop bliss. Each of the songs are tied together by his singing voice but overall they all seem to have their own feel and sound to fit their scenes. You can pick up the entire EP free of charge on his own website here and here is a sample of the EP.

Sutja Gutiérrez – Lucy (Love Scene)

Other Sutja Gutiérrez info found here!/sutjas