I was riding up the towering building’s elevator with a group of tourists and our generally nice yet horribly boring tour guide. We were making our way up the one hundred and two-story building inch by inch it seemed as he rambled on with various historical tidbits making sure to let us know it was a National Historic Landmark. I was more interested in what would happen if someone were to drop a bowling ball from the top of it while I was thumbing through my mp3 player and becoming restless. Just a few more minutes and I would be able to stare down on that vast crowded city taking in the sights of the empire state.

The new full length album from BL§§D ØU† was released on the first through AMDISCS and is now up and ready for purchase. From what I have heard so far, I think you can expect the evolving and growing sounds of Witch House with a twist as the sounds seem to be expanding within the genre. There are many experiments with sound and various tempo changes that aren’t sticking to the same general Drag formula which is nice as it is showing that the sub-genre is moving in different directions and adding its own layers. The full length debut features nine tracks and you can both purchase the album and preview two of the tracks through the AMDISCS website. If you have any continued interest in the sounds of Witch House or simply need an introduction this album makes for a great starting point and I suggest you have a listen even if the genre doesn’t appeal to you for the variety of sound experimentation found within.

BL§§D ØU† – §PNNR§

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