They duck and then dive perilously through the air. Their fine silken thread trailing behind them leaves both a trap and a home. Their multiple legs ticking quickly as they spin their fatal patterns makes a skittering sound in my hallway and I am left terrified underneath my blanket. More clicking noises and they add the finishing touches to their death filled work of art. They are the weaving spiders and tonight they will wait patiently here for some miscalculating morsel that they can feast upon.

I noticed a tweet with just this Bandcamp page on it last night from Michael Avishay of Ghost Animal and thought I would give it a click. What I found at the end of that rainbow was this two-track EP from Portland’s Hausu that was well worth the look at. The band has a great classic sound with a steady drum backing and the singer has a unique sounding voice that fits the tone of the pieces perfectly. The second track She’s A Babe even has a surf sound to its intro with quickly strummed chords that spiral out as the song really gets going. Both tracks are currently available for free through Bandcamp as is their previous single from last November and should give you a good idea of what to expect from them in the future which I hope would be a full length as I would love to hear more.

Other Hausu info found here