They were on the trail now following drops of blood and recently snapped vegetation. For two days the men and their weapons hiked through the Amazon trailing their prey. They battled all of the elements of nature from dangerous animals to a night trapped in an endless downpour. Almost losing the man due to the footprints being washed away however did not stop their relentless pursuit. We never knew what the man’s offense was. All we knew was that he was the hunted and they were the hunters.

Just heard this great little four track EP from Brooklyn’s Hunters that is filled with big banging drums and nineties guitar riffs. Two of the tracks were produced by James Iha and the album was mixed by Nick Zinner and it has a well produced studio rock sound without losing any of its edge. The four members of Hunters have created an angry four tracks of good old grunge rock in just the right manner with screaming dual vocals and loud brash guitars blaring. This is a nice mixture of hard-hitting old and new ideas and sounds. You can pick up the full EP through their Bandcamp and here is a sample of their EP with the song Deadbeat.

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