I grew up in a small town and it is strange to me that there is this device that allows me to connect with any city on the planet. Due to the internet I rarely feel as if I still live in a small town but instead it feels like I am right in the thrall of a bustling music culture with tons of the emerging genius artists. Each day I hear from bands that are in places I will probably never have a chance to visit and yet they are able to invite me into their world. Never misjudge someone like me for having no taste we have escaped our small towns.

Scott Dickson who you may already know as Closed Cassette is back with a brand new EP and project with Local Winds. The new EP is titled In The World Of Ours and will be out through Alchemist Records on tape, mini cd, and as a digital release. I was sent two tracks to preview and both Small Towns and its companion Tree Gathering are relaxed mellow electronic pieces similar to his other moniker. While they may seem to be more minimal of compositions in the intro portions of the tracks they open up slowly revealing layer after layer of sound. Small Towns becomes a slow disco burner with a throbbing bass thump and wistful synths and Tree Gathering skitters along with chirping electronic clicks and blips. Here is a preview of the EP with Small Towns and look out for the official release on February 22nd.

Local Winds – Small Towns

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