We set out before daybreak that morning piling our boards into the back of the van and rubbing the sleep from our eyes. After making sure we had everything that we would need Bill hit the gas and we were headed for the coast. We planned to work our way from north to south as the weather would allow. It would be a summer filled with the four of us searching the California coast for the perfect ride. A lot of photos would be taken and conversations would be had with the various people who lived in each area giving us material for a book we would write when this was all over. It would be a last will and testament for the big wave riders before we had to grow up and become stiffs.

Just got an email from Helsinki Finland’s Big Wave Riders just the other day and gave the attached single that was included It’s Funny Things Aren’t Gonna Change a few spins. The Finnish four piece brings a hip style to their sound and fit in well with the burgeoning culture of Art, Fashion, and Music coming from the area. Synths have a swim among surf guitars on the single making for a unique mixture of eighties moments drenched in sunshine and memories of their time spent as teenagers. They also have another two tracks up on their Soundcloud and have an EP currently planned for the near future. If you are in the area they say they have been playing a lot lately (They have an upcoming show with El Guincho on the 10th) so get out there and you’ll have a chance to see them live before you miss your chance, this little band could be big soon. Give a listen to It’s Funny Things Aren’t Gonna Change here and keep your ears open for that EP.

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