He was sweating hard now as he ducked and dodged the punches flying toward him. The lights were bright and red-hot and the heat was exhausting them both quickly with each passing round. Repeated jabs and uppercut combos were being thrown as the two men went face to face in the middle of a cool winter night. Finally in round eight Johnson scored a key blow that would send Smothers to the canvas. The crowd would be a sea of white noise as they raised their hands and screamed for the southpaw and his win.

Brazil’s Lucas Febraro also known as Pazes is going to officially release  his first EP on February 15th through San Antonio label Exponential Records. The Southpaw EP is made up of five tracks that will cost you less than three dollars and what you get for your money is the mind of a nineteen year old South American who knows his Hip-Hop and Folk roots. The EP is a blend of the two creating a sublime mixture of acoustic guitar ballads and laid back beat filled grooves. You can have a listen to the entire EP through the Exponential Records Bandcamp and purchase the EP there as well. Here is a sample of Pazes with Etacarinae and head over to the Bandcamp to hear the full EP.

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