I should be surrounded right now. I should be engulfed in a sea of people who can’t wait to have a tender conversation about those things in life that are too big for us to even begin to grasp and understanding of. However I am standing alone just listening to the music and having a drink. The party is happening around me and while I do recognize a lot of the faces of the people in the crowd I can’t help but shake this feeling that I don’t really know any of them at all. Each moment that I spent or shared with any of them has already been long forgotten and so it seems there’s nothing for me here.

The three young San Diego men that make up Range Rover are back with a new single titled There’s Nothing For Me Here. You may remember these guys from a previous post I did for their debut singles Mind and Soda which were both in instant rotation in my play list as soon as they had graced my ears. This new single is no different as it is haunting and enchanting. While it has and old school feel it also has a new sound all of its own being created by their mixture of devices and instruments. The band is starting to show real progression with their sound and presentation and it won’t be long before we have both a debut album from them and a chance to see them live as they plan to tour the west coast some time this summer. Have a listen to There’s Nothing For Me Here which you can pick up on their Bandcamp and wait for that debut, it is going to be a big one.

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