The lights and loud music played all around me. Those ringing bells and whistles shouted out over the various other noises as I sat myself into that seat. I adjusted everything to fit my small frame and gripped my hands on the wheel. I leaned over and inserted my quarter prompting the screen to flash brightly. The music and visuals were telling me to grip the gear shift and press my foot lightly on the chrome plated pedal. They were also telling me that tonight I would be the rad racer.

I only just mentioned Philadelphia’s Work Drugs and their psychedelic stew of a second single Dog Daze a few days ago and already they are back with a third sedative filled night drive with Rad Racer. Their third single continues their style of relaxed hazed out sounds with a revved engine beckoning you to go out on the streets and drive. Like a late night cities lights the vocals shine amid twinkling guitar plucks and simple but effective drug patterns. Thick with echo and dripping with sensuality this is a single not to be missed. Can’t wait for the full length EP or LP from these guys which is bound to be on its way soon. For now have a listen to the single here then head over to the groups Bandcamp to pick it up for yourself.

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