She was thin and yet she was a machine. Her small frame was made of pure muscle and her training in the sport began at a very early age. Though she was rarely ever taught anything from a normal child’s curriculum she became a highly trained professional at her extra curricular activity. Her body ran gracefully quickly shifting her weight and throwing herself  into the air in a fury of  twists and spins. She may not have been as knowledgeable as her peers but she would soon be the queen of elite gymnastics.

After being a quite a fan of Minneapolis duo Elite Gymnastics’ last EP Real Friends I was excited to see that their latest four track EP is now up for download through their site. Once again the new EP Neu! ’92 is four tracks long and brings with it their signature sound of heady samples, almost Hip-Hop percussion and well worked synths. They also return with one of their most emotionally sweeping tracks thus far with (I Always Cry At) Regenerations with its moving vocals and stunning production. Here is a sample of the track and the full EP can be downloaded through their official site found here.

Elite Gymnastics – (I Always Cry At Regenerations)

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