I was supposed to be working this morning and yet I just can’t seem to write. I am busy daydreaming about you after you have left for work. I’m thinking about you talking to me from the bathroom after your morning shower. I had just started my wind down after my late night shift and there you were standing in the door. Your hair was hanging down over you shoulders still dripping wet and your thigh rubbed lightly on the frame of the door. Your eyes lifted slowly from beneath your hair and you smiled. I am supposed to be working this morning, but instead I’m thinking about you pure and wet.

Just received news of the latest EP Pure Wet from Nashville’s Jensen Sportag. The EP will available on Cascine Records on February 15th and it is made up of four sexy slinking disco and soul infused tracks worth looking into. The album opener is a slow burner of a title track with smooth vocal work. The second track is a disco house work out with a 90’s club female vocal and a bass line primed for the dance floor. The albums closer is an emotional slow groove that would fit in perfectly on that yachting soundtrack you are slowly compiling. The third track Everything Good I am giving you a little preview here to hold you over until the release date.

Jensen Sportag – Everything Good

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