The air was filled with a strange smoke that night. That smoke however wasn’t from the bodies that would soon make their final journey. Instead that smoke was from the crowd of people dancing the night away. The DJ was hard at work setting up tracks and quick scratch record switches as the throng of party-goers spent the evening moving along with the music. We were in the midst of the largest party of the year and it was coming live from the crematorium.

The latest release from Dean Bentley aka Hourglass Sea was dropped just a couple of days ago and I just had some time to have a listen. I enjoyed the previous singles that were sent my way and was looking forward to hearing more from this electronic groove composer. From start to finish the Live From The Crematorium EP is a killer mix of rugged hard-hitting drums, swaying synths, and fine tuned samples. This isn’t your normal four on the floor affair, instead it is a head nodding mixture of electronics that should immediately grab your attention from the moment the first beat drops. You can pick up the entire Live From The Crematorium EP for free through the Hourglass Sea Soundcloud and here is a sample of the track Memory Eternal to get you tempted.

Hourglass Sea – Memory Eternal

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