The sun was shining today. It added color to the lifeless world while melting away old snow. That water nourished the hidden flowers that were waiting to make their appearance once things warmed up. The trees felt their leaves starting to slowly twist and turn their way out of their bark. The insects were once again starting to come up from the ground and out of their various nests. The world outside was just starting to have its morning coffee while all waited patiently for the change of the seasons.

I was first introduced to the work of Atlantic At Pacific through last years Weddings LP which was an instrumental work of art. Now Austin Wood has not only completed the two Wolf Feet EPs with Blackbird Blackbird but a new four track EP of instrumental beat filled solo works. Each of the four tracks are layered headphone masterpieces of drums and synth. The opener features deep bass tones and thick layers of sound. My Fault is almost a Hip-Hop lullaby with its twinkling bells laced over beats and hand claps. The last two pieces are the title track and its companion piece. The title track is a longer instrumental affair that shifts through various moods as it makes its codeine fueled relaxed beats work before giving itself a spin to close the EP out. You can pick up the EP through the Atlantic At Pacific Bandcamp where you can also find those great Wolf Feet EPs. Check them both out this evening they make solid companions for a late Saturday night.

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