Craft Spells is a little duo out of Stockton California who have made huge waves across the blogosphere and wound up being signed to New York’s Captured Tracks record label. After successfully releasing a nice amount of quality singles through various sources the duo has begun work on their long-awaited and one of the most sought after debut albums of the year Idle Labor. I can assure you that if you haven’t yet been introduced to their throwback 80’s Pop New Wave wonderland sound and after you hear a few samples here you will join the list of people anxiously waiting for the debut release.

My crush on the pair’s music began last summer when I did a post for their single Party Talk. The slick shuffling rhythms and hushed retro vibe vocals immediately enchanted me and left me wanting to hear more of the duo’s work which led me to three other great singles. Soon my collection had grown to the two singles sent to me, You Should Close The Door, The Fog Rose High, and Azalea. I couldn’t wait to hear more from this promising pair and have followed the group’s moves ever since.

Craft Spells – Party Talk

After hearing those initial hand full of singles I waited patiently for their next release just knowing it would be something great and I couldn’t have been more correct. The duo got together with Emily Reo and crafted the track Love Well Spent for the Salad Fork compilation A Compilation For World Hunger which also included the likes of Yung Life, Megafortress, and Tennis. The single has a gripping dual vocal that will keep you swooning the entire time the song plays and you can’t help but think of that special someone when you hear this pair sing together. It was official that after hearing this single I was a huge fan of both artists.

Craft Spells ft Emily Reo – Love Well Spent

The next chance that I had to sample their work came through another artist who I love posting Mickey Mickey Rourke and his collaboration with them on GLOOMY GUTS featured on his Inner Gazing LP. The warped pop sensibility and catchy melodic vocals made this one of my favorite singles of the year and also fit in well with the many other collaborative efforts that were all being released around the same time. Two powerful artistic voices combined to create some solid yet psychedelic pop perfection.

Their latest release is the 7″ single After The Moment which you can pick up now on Captured Tracks. This latest single has an emotional full of feeling vocal passage and a hip swaying guitar and drum combination that gets your head nodding and your foot tapping. After hearing the variety of sounds the duo have been able to create up until this point I can’t help but want to hear their debut LP. I think they have their sites on being on quite a few end of the year best of lists shortly after the LP’s release in March.

Craft Spells – After The Moment

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