I can’t seem to fall asleep so I am just spending my night laying awake next to you. You are turned on your side with your legs pulled up and your arms drawn in tight. I keep hearing you make small noises as if you are ready to start making out complete words and sentences. It is just at that moment that I hear you say something about a party. All of your friends are there and the music is loud and fun. You spend the rest of the evening talking about how you had so much fun dancing there with all of your friends. In the morning you will wake up smiling and I won’t tell you about how I heard your sleep talk.

In all honesty I had completely missed the boat on Oakland’s Shannon and the Clams and after hearing them man did I regret it. I was wondering who did that killer backing vocal for the latest Hunx and His Punx single Lovers Lane when I stumbled upon this three piece’s debut LP I Wanna Go Home . The album was a mixture of surf sounds, sixties girl group records and rockabilly punk rock that immediately caught my attention. The latest single seems to add a bit of production quality while retaining their signature 50s’/60’s sound. A gently strummed guitar backs those belting pipes as the song makes its way to that smile inducing ay ya ya chorus. Get ready to see them plenty of times during the upcoming  SXSW Festival and on their U.S. tour with Hunx and His Punx. Also get ready for the second full length LP to drop in April on 1-2-3-4-Go! Records.

Shannon and the Clams – Sleep Talk

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