I love to try my best to think like them even if it may only be for a short moment. I try to seek out their various influences and motivations as they had taken them in while doing the original writing. I make some attempt to take in the time as far as history both outside of the room they were in and the feelings that would have been in their heads during the period. I maneuver my fingers, voice, and drum sticks with the same mannerisms  and rock n roll punch that they would have during the original recordings. I’m just a fan of their art and want to make a perfect recreation when I play my cover songs.

One of the absolute best EP releases last year came from Richie Follin’s Guards and now he is back with a three song tribute through covers that can be found on his Bandcamp. With each take on the three tracks he is able to create entirely new compositions out of each song. Metallica‘s Motorbreath becomes a wave of hushed painful lyrical work over a guitar driven psychedelic haze. Soulful bass grooves propel his blues rock infused version of Taxi Cab by Vampire Weekend. The albums closer is a surprising twist with his take on M.I.A.‘s Born Free. The Suicide is gone and replaced with uptempo drums and howling vocal work over a chugging guitar. The EP can be found free to download through the Guards Bandcamp so head over there now and have a listen.

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