I’m standing in my bathroom staring deeply into the mirror at my face. I am currently overcome by a terrible flu and I can see the pain in my eyes. My body shudders every few seconds when all of my joints decide to ache at once. I am starting to think that I couldn’t possibly feel any worse than I do right at this moment. It is right at that thought that you come walking into view in the doorway to ask me if I am ok. I see your curves and your gorgeous face and for a few moments I am trapped by the feelings I am having making me forget all of my sickness and pain as I take in our reflections.

Germany Germany recently added two preview tracks from the upcoming LP Adventures to be released on Distorted Disco Records to Bandcamp for your listening pleasure. The pair both start with a piano riff before heading off into their separate electronic directions. The first single Take Your Time features an iPhone recorded piano line that builds into a sweeping burst of synth and dance floor smiles filled with hand claps and a running cymbal line. The second Reflections has a strong piano intro as well a plucked a guitar before the bass beats kick in. The vocal sections are emotive and clean and deal with making eye contact with someone in the reflection of a bus window. The stems are available for download if you would like to take your hand at remixing the track as well. You can snag both singles via their Bandcamp and start keeping your ears peeled for the full LP release.

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