I was prowling with them in the deep brush following a herd of gaur giving them a moment to stop for a dip in the river. As they cool themselves and lap up the cold cool water we patiently wait watching. I am hunched over using my now strengthened forearms to balance my body on all fours. Suddenly we see our moment as one small gaur breaks away from the pack and approaches the shore. On edge I sit waiting for the signs of my family being ready to take their leap. I am now an animal. I am blood thirsty and I have been raised by tigers.

Just got news about the most recent release from Denton Texas natives Raised By Tigers called Reunion Parts. The album will be released in coming days and you can have a chance to hear it all first through a streaming SoundCloud of the full release. Overall the album tends to show its Post-Punk colors though there are variations in sound through the use of electronic/acoustic elements. All in all I found the album to have a tight well-played sound very reminiscent of other similar bands from the 90’s which is by all means not a bad thing. Have a listen and a flashback now with this sample track Pictures of Books and listen to the entire album here. You can also view a recent video for the track Sunspots through Vimeo here.

Raised By Tigers – Pictures of Books

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