Somewhere down in Atlanta there is a small hidden away shack. It’s walls are covered in old egg crates and wiring runs over to the house next door in order to supply the free electricity. From inside comes an echoing sound of a man’s voice and an old rugged guitar. Drenched in alcohol and LSD is how you will find him. His beard grown wild like his hair and his body dirty from being unwilling to relent from writing just one more song. In the evenings the ladies will come and stay outside those little walls to drink and dance. They leave in the morning unable to shake the mystery of Anton Grimes.

I got an email from Atlanta’s A. Grimes this morning who I had never heard before and to my amusement what I found inside was a psychedelically tinged four track EP titled Malt Liquor Fantastrophe. While each of the four tracks have their own charm I found myself going for the lead single Anton Grimes immediately. It begins with a simple guitar passage and an eons echoed cough before setting sail for rock’s psychedelic past. Pounding drums and hard played bass help the song beat its way into your brain while the vocals shape shift into a lyrical doomsayer. You can get a hit of this four track EP for free via their Bandcamp and here is a sample of that lead single.

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