He directed the films before we went to sleep. His old hands finding a way to twist and turn in front of that little light became the characters that he described in his stories. Their large images acted out his words along our walls keeping us each captivated until we would finally lay down to rest. When we were at school the next day he would practice each new play adding in new story lines and fleshing out his plot. We all would play in the afternoons anxious for the sun to go down so that we could return home and find out what happened next to his shadows.

Indiana’s Triptides have returned with a fresh new digital 7″ called Shadows which I had a chance to sit down with this morning. The self titled A-side is a groovy little number with a walking bass line and a classic sound. The stuttering drum driven chorus should capture your attention right away before whisking you back into that groove. The B-side Tropical Dreams plays out as the title says with surf inspired haze and a slightly psychedelic chorus filled with echo. The 7″ is available now through their Bandcamp as a name your price so toss the guys a couple of dollars and give it a listen, it is well worth whatever you decide to pay.

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