Everything around me was quiet that afternoon as I set out to run my week’s errands. I slid my key into the lock and shut my home up for the duration of my trip. As I started my way to the car I noticed no movement. No children were playing and none of my neighbors were watering their plants or feeding their pets. No cars were zooming up and down the block or honking at each other in the intersection. I made my way down to the corner grocery and the electric doors didn’t open. The parking lot was empty and as I made my way up the street passing each and every shop I saw no one. I walked for blocks without ever hearing a voice or seeing another human being. Today there was only me and the city ghosts.

The latest release on Teen Daze‘s Cultus Vibes Records comes from HAHA with a digital 7″ titled City Ghosts. The 7″ contains two new original tracks from HAHA. The first is City Ghosts which is an atmospheric electronic delight that also serves as the third track with a dance floor ready remix from Teen Daze. The B-side is Baie Du Doré which is a haunting deep bass filled track with soothing synth swaths and sonar beeps. As always the release can be downloaded for free through the Cultus Vibes Bandcamp so there really is no excuse for you not to have a listen. Here is a sample of the Teen Daze remix of the title track.

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