We could hear the engines roar in the distance that day in the desert. Both drivers gripped their wheels until their knuckles filled with pain and turned white. They had their foot revving the engines as the two cars sat waiting for the handkerchief to drop. She stood facing them her arms raised high in the summer sun with the wind whipping through her hair. Her fingers came loose and let the small piece of fabric float off into the distance as the two cars sprung to life. The horses underneath the hood began to run wild across that flat open road. The battle of the two Thunderbird giants had begun.

If you spent the amount of time with COOLRUNNINGS previous releases the Buffalo EP and the Babes Forever EP then you should be as excited as I was to know their was new material surfacing. This track was posted recently on the Dracula Horse Soundcloud and the wait for new songs was well worth it. Driving toms and guitar kickstart the track and wind their way into the addictive vocals. Minor pauses and guitar vocal backing add pleasant surprises as the song moves on and drives its way into your head. This may be their finest track yet with its solid rock n roll flavor and pop sensibility and should give you an idea of how their soon to be completed LP may sound. If you are shopping for acts for that SXSW showcase get a hold of these  guys and get them on your roster and let them blow your minds.


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