This town can’t make up its mind. One day oil flows as if we were directly connected to the Middle East while the next everyone in town floods basic paying jobs. All of those brand new pickup trucks sit in yards waiting to be sold while payments are missed. The bars are filled with grizzled older gentleman who will be passed up once the next boom starts for a younger kid with more muscle and less attitude. The pumpjacks will fire up again eventually and fill the air with a scent that only an oil town has. I hope by the time that happens I am packing my bags and getting the fuck out of this town.

Just sat down after a long shift at work and checked the GPBP mailbox finding a great surprise from Mikey of Blackbird Blackbird. It seems he has taken the time to remix one of my all time favorite Pavement tracks Box Elder so I fired it up immediately to have some listens. Deep bass grooves get things started paired with stuttering percussion as things get going. Similar use of the vocal to the Beach House remix are used here to great effect as well with only the choice lines being selected and peppered throughout. Where some people simply throw a four four tempo underneath the vocals and call it a remix Blackbird Blackbird always seems to come through with something new and fresh all together and this rework is no exception. Give it a listen and a download here via Soundcloud.

Blackbird Blackbird – Make It A Choice (Pavement Rework)

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