He stood wobbling on his four still fresh legs watching his mother dip her paw quickly into the chilly river water. His stomach tossed and turned as he stared at his face peering back at him. Every few minutes something new moving around among the trees would startle him or he would gaze up into the sky at the mysterious flying creatures passing overhead. His brothers and sisters had stayed behind and you could hear their hunger in the distance as his mother toiled. She would finally catch two large salmon for the family and since he had accompanied her on her trip to the water he would be rewarded for being her most grown up cub.

Sadly the day after I had just done my large Keep Shelly In Athens post the Solar Bears remix of Running Out Of You was premiered and I wasn’t able to include it. Their take on the track was a mellow relaxed affair that had its own twist on the track and now the payback from KSIA has come in the form of their remix of Cub. The original was an acoustic guitar piloted flight over an endless wood that expands outward as it continues to its end. The remix completely shifts gears with shifting electronics and a haunting female vocal lead. The bass line subtlety throbs underneath as the track leads in and out of nowhere comes the break with its strong vocals and beating drums. Both remixes turned in by both artists for each other were top-notch pieces of work that should not be missed. Catch the track here on Soundcloud where is also where you can hear both the original and that Solar Bears remix for the KSIA track.

Solar Bears – Cub (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)

Keep Shelly In Athens – Running Out Of You (Solar Bears Remix)

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