I’m scanning the endless crowd as I push my way through the streets and sidewalks. I take a moment to pause and study each woman in a red blouse but they are not the one I am looking for. The faces and the noise begin to confuse me in the large crowd of drunken party goers. I only have a few minutes left as I swim through the rigid waves that the bodies make for me to contend with. The crowds excitement begins to build with each passing minute as the clock makes its way to midnight. I am alone and lost for this New Years Eve and no matter how much I look I can’t find you.

The latest dream filled release from SolarSolar titled I Can’t Find You found its way onto Soundcloud recently and is a haunting mesmerizing ride. Throbbing percussion opens the duo’s new single providing a background for the various electronic elements to slink their way in. The stunning vocals ring out shortly after to complete the package with huge ebbs and flows building and breaking in between the addictive chorus. I have enjoyed each track from the Canadian pairs previous EP Secrets and Orchids which you can also hear through their Soundcloud page and this single gives you more of their rich Dream Pop sound. Give this track a listen and if they are new to you or you managed to miss out on some of the EP head over to their Soundcloud or Bandcamp now for a full dose of SolarSolar.

SolarSolar – I Can’t Find You

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