Sunglasses still on the pair raced over the waves off the coast of Miami chasing another high-powered speed boat. With one manning the wheel his partner fired off a few rounds toward the criminal’s engine. After one managed to connect even with the tossing ocean and the rush of adrenaline to compete with the Colombian’s came to a halt trapped in the middle of the vast blue water. They opened fire on the police boat with a Uzi raining a hail of bullets in its direction and still never hit their mark. There would be a support chopper on the way soon and the pair wasn’t going down without a fight. They maneuvered the  sleek vessel expertly making shots that took them down without killing them and made their arrest. This was just another day in the life of Tubbs & Crockett.

The latest single from new beat maestro Hourglass Sea arrived in my box and with a title like Tubbs & Crockett I just had to have a listen right away. As I expected this single is a meaty beat filled ride like the single L.A. Lights which also got a nod on the mixtape Star Slinger did for The Fader. Synths pulled straight from the 80’s library ride high over those crunching percussive assaults giving a light airy feeling to the intro of the track. Just as you are feeling comfortable at the slightly over one minute mark things shift and all hell breaks loose. 8-bit verses and slight hints of a long-haired guitar player enter the mix as do wave after wave of huge synth. Check the single out here and be sure to check back at his Soundcloud and Facebook soon for a compilation made up of the ten tracks that he has released thus far. You don’t want to miss  one of the absolute best fresh electronic faces to emerge in recent months.

Hourglass Sea – Tubbs & Crockett

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