I was only a single year old when my family was living in Palma de Mallorca so I have no choice but to live those moments through old family photos. I can’t remember the rolling fields of almonds, citrus, and olives or the extended bay filled with many various sea vessels. I also sadly cannot remember the music of the time though I assume that venturing into the 80’s there was a creative force at work in such a beautiful place. It is a shame I have never had a chance to return for the wondrous views and the missed buenos tiempos.

The second side project from a member of The Fruhstucks calling themselves Monstruobot which has made its way onto the internet courtesy of De Caucho Discos. The band features Miguel Cámara A.K.A. Boxerinlove , José ‘Hota’ Martín, and Carlos Dalton and they have released a four track EP full of electronic influence and distortion. According to the email that I received they are mainly a live band though they do pay careful attention when recording and this is instantly noticeable after the first listen of the EP. The four track EP is filled to the brim with 80’s influence from both the classic electronics and the vocal work. There are also some great deep groovy bass lines to get those hips moving along with the beat. I’m posting up my favorite so far Todo lo que tienes and forcing you to get over to Bandcamp to have a listen to the other three tracks which I suggest you do right away.

Other Monstruobot info found here