Absent Fever is the newborn all digital release label from the two talented minds of Tyler from Flashlight Tag and Eloise of verb/re/verb. If you have checked out their blogs then you know these two both have superb taste and the ability to track down new artists at an almost alarming rate. They are already featuring their first podcast on their newly created Tumblr and the pair already have their first release from KYNAN up and ready for download and also have plans for new music soon from their other three acts Guerre, Galapagos, and Wonder Bear. What you can expect to hear are young talented individuals making new and innovative sounds. Just from the news of the early artists on the label I for one can’t wait to see what this pairing of music addicted minds has waiting for us next.

As for their first release it is a full length nine track album from San Diego’s KYNAN titled Birthday Blues. At its base this is a well written and amazingly well scored pop album, however saying that is just a bit too simple. This is smart futuristic pop with layer after layer of sound surrounding whip-smart addictive lyrics. The album is filled to the brim with spaced out electronics, blissful horns, solid percussion, lo-fi vocals, smart samples, and is basically a sound filled pop collage featuring everything under the musical kitchen sink. They have released the album through Bandcamp with a link to it also on Mediafire should the free downloads run out. Give a listen to the track  Who Cares If The World’s Gonna Die here, go download the album, and keep an eye on this label as they are sure to release great new music as soon as they have it available for your ears.

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