Some of the guys are outside catching a smoke and waiting on Chuck to finally get the fire going enough to slam some slabs of meat onto it. We are inside trying to beat the heat any way we can by chugging Tecate in its red and gold can. As I drink I flip through records scanning the cover art quickly looking for the perfect cut to play first. There are more knocks on both the front door and the back gate and a mixture of English and Spanish voices meld together through the walls. Ty just came in and said the BBQ was full enough to get this thing started. This is Texas and it is where we mix our beer, beats and BBQ.

Coming from Exponential Records and just in time for the upcoming SXSW festival is this ear pounding mixture of a beat filled electronic compilation from various artists. If you have been following San Antonio’s Exponential Records then you should have some idea of who is featured on this their fourth annual Spring album. A deep beat filled opener comes from The Empireal Formula and the compilation never lets up from there. Mexicans With Guns provide a Spanish tinted pair of rose glasses, Fresh Millions dips you in electric guitar funk, Diego Bernal whisks you away to a psychedelic wonderland and those are just the beginning. They are offering up the entire compilation free through their Bandcamp and each single for a mere fifty cents so head over there now and have a taste of what Texas has to offer.

Full Track Listing as follows

1. The Empireal Formula – Text Tokyo
2. Butcher Bear – Upp
3. Mexicans with Guns – Precession
4. Fresh Millions – Hot New Jam from ’73
5. NickNack – Life in the Speaker
6. Soundfounder – The Comforter
7. Chili – PB 2 MY J
8. Diego Bernal – All I Did (Remix) ft. Carly Garza
9. Mnolo – Collective Unconcious
10. DJ Dus – K Le Pasa
11. Aaron Pena – Technocracy
12. Ernest Gonzales – Sunrays
13. Xupki – Dim Shine
14. Kinder – Games on the Field (If They Pick You)
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