There are times that have to fight more so than others to be forgiven. It seems that often enough we are able to discuss and discover the problems at hand with one another and eventually come to terms with what we may have done or have had done to us. It is much harder to fight this struggle internally and allow ourselves to release ourselves from shackles that our minds create. While those discussions with others display the conflict and allow us to work out whatever may have been the problem, dealing with our own inner demons and their constant reminders that surface daily lead us on a much tougher path to salvation.

The latest release on the Cultus Vibes label which is Bank Heist’s new track Salvation can be called nothing less than epic. Its fifteen minute run time and multiple shifts in sound and tone immediately remind me of lengthy electronic anthems like the now classic Orbital track The Box. This isn’t your run of the mill electronic club banger though there are moments that absolutely make you want to dance. Instead what you are offered is deep head space electronic music that moves its listener through various feelings as the track progresses on.  A quiet relaxed drone leads up to the steady four on the floor tempo and synth sliding intro. Elements are slowly added layer after layer or whisked away through the first three minutes of the track then the rise happens and everything changes. Like a flashing light it turns its subtle ambient sound into a full-scale party erupting into a melodic get down section. The breakdown comes in at the five-minute mark stripping away many layers letting the listener calm themselves as they relax back into the groove. It once again builds itself piece by piece before dropping you once again near the ten minute mark. After yet another rise you are greeted by an almost Dubstep like rhythm section that is like a sudden aural assault before once again stripping everything away up to its fading outro. You can pick this single up like all Cultus Vibes releases through their Bandcamp so I suggest you get over there and slip into your best pair of headphones for fifteen minutes of electronic bliss.

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