They waited as patiently as they both could while watching the clock above the teacher’s desk tick away each slow passing second. It would only be five more minutes until they could rush from their desks down the hallway to the stairs before making their way to the lockers. Locked inside those metallic education coffins were decks of multiple thin sheets of plywood with four polyurethane wheels bound to aluminum. They would both grab them while tossing books inside to take their place and make a break for the door. For these two friends they had no other choice to make. Their lives were either skate or die.

The latest offering from Helsinki’s Big Wave Riders sounds like it would be speeding guitars on a downhill race toward destruction. The release is titled Skate Or Die and instead of the fuck it all let’s go attitude that is often applied to the sport this single is a controlled well oiled machine. The subtle sounds of the opening with its slow strummed punk guitar shift into a grander laid back sound lulling you to take you off guard. As the song moves toward the chorus the backing picks up its real pace with quick cymbal work and a slapping snare giving the song a kick push before the vocal urges you to skate or die. The single can be heard and downloaded now via Soundcloud and be sure to watch these guys in the near future as they are bound to be headed for great things.

Big Wave Riders – Skate Or Die

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