The city was drenched in black and the stars were hidden by the fog of industry. The docks were only a mere few blocks away and we could hear the large ships blow their massive horns. Johnny was driving as I rode shotgun to our new destination. We were fueled on pure adrenaline and too much whiskey and tonight was our night for revenge. The Blades had attempted to muscle us out of our territory and it was time we showed those pricks who was boss. I had our last bottle filled with gasoline and the rag waited for the last moment when Johnny would hang a left and we would be in sight of their row of hogs. He turned driving slowly until we were in range and I set that row ablaze before we sped off into a night that would be filled with death and burning chrome.

Felix Snow never ceases to surprise me with a variety of releases under different monikers. This time he is back with a project he calls Snow & His Mystical Voodoo Band and their rollicking new single Burning Chrome. Steady thumping drums lead into a knife sharp guitar laid over a strumming bass line. Then those vicious lyrics kick in with a cock sure rock n roll swagger. His normally relaxed voice is a snarling beast on this track with howling guitar solos and ripples spread over those pounding drums and constant bass groove. The single can be heard and downloaded through his Soundcloud and there is also a video he had tipped me off to for their Bluesy rock inspired track Gun to be found here for your viewing pleasure. Now we just have to sit back and wait for his next big surprise whatever it may be.

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