I’ve never been the most attractive man in the room. In fact I am rarely even considered to be one of the more decent looking guys if there are ten or so around. I’m too thin and short normally looking like a pale prison escapee. My hair is thinning and my teeth could definitely use some work. My body is a mess of knobby joints that seem to collide at strange angles and I have a funny Texan accent that makes me feel like a dumb hick when I hear it back. Even with all of these problems somehow your eyes met mine from the end of the hallway. You stared as if you were looking through me and smiled so large that I knew that even with this broken frame that I could still be soul handsome.

The latest release from Colin McElroy better known as Kuhrye-oo arrived in my box this morning and I’ve had time to give it some listens. The single is called Soul Handsome and begins with heavy machine sounding percussion that soon slides into a rising intro to the songs melodic central theme. There is always a surprise throughout the track lingering in the background just waiting to sneak its way into your headphones. He has found the perfect mixture of tough sounding stuttered beats and beautiful electronics that contain emotional vocal portions that are allowed to ring out at just the right moments. You can both stream or download his latest work through his Soundcloud now and don’t miss out on his R. Kelly cover that was recently featured on the We Fall Apart Valentines Day mixtape from Unholy Rhythms and Cactus Mouth.

Kuhrye-oo – Soul Handsome

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