I am attempting my escape from this dull day-to-day rut that never seems to end. The nights constantly repeating and sending me home with fury are wearing me thin. I come home and cannot stop smoking hoping that I just might fill my lungs with death releasing me from this prison of work and exhaustion. One of these days I will save up what little bit of money I don’t have to use on bills and feeding myself and use it to escape. I’ll pack my bags, tell my boss to fuck off and head north only to stop for one second to pay my way through toll as I hit the turnpike.

Hopefully you took the time to read my previous post featuring young new artist Malcom Lacey and his solo project Arrange. If not then this is your chance to hear an eighteen year old from Florida who makes music well beyond his age. His latest single is called Turnpike and while the voice singing may be young the lyrics are wise and timeless. A piano plays as he sings leading its way to a steady drone under light effective percussion creating a somber gorgeous mixture that is perfect for those cloudy days. He also mentioned that he will be releasing a full album titled Plantation digitally for free on May 17th and if this single is any indication then you should already be marking your calendar and getting yourself prepared to hear one of the most talented new artists I have heard this year. Check out the single here and be on the look out for that debut LP in the near future.

ArrangeTurnpike (Right click save as for download)

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