It is constantly flowing and waiting to consume us all. We have no idea of its true depth or what may lie in the deepest realms far beyond our current technology. It is indescribable beyond its beauty when it is seen from the shore. Vast and endless it waits for its moment to tumble over our cities and farms. Nature will destroy everything it had once created only to begin again far below those dark waters. It swallows us whole like a large raging beast and yet in the end it remains shapeless.

Oakland’s Dan Casey otherwise known as Yalls recently sent me an email to let me know that he has released twobrand new tracks through his Soundcloud and a third from a new EP that I was allowed to preview. If you missed his previous efforts he has a very large collection of things for you to hear via that and his Bandcamp which is filled to the brim with things like the previously posted Germs single that you may have heard here. Each of the three new tracks How Much Have We Lost, Please, and the one I want to share with you today called Shapeless are all rich electronic compositions that I am sure you will enjoy. Shapeless starts slowly with just his voice singing out over keys. In a sudden turn the song turns into a tropical sunset that is warm and relaxing with slick minimal percussion and a groovy bass line backing his unique vocal style. Have a listen here then head over to the Soundcloud for a taste of the other while you wait for his new EP which features them all and is to be released in April. If you happen to be in the area for SXSW you can also have a chance to see him live as he is there with Kites Sail High and Ander which if you want info about their visit you can check out the blog they have set up about it here.

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