They were going to be coming for me soon. Their shining silver swords raised high would reflect the light from their torches and guide them through the night to the makeshift home I had built for myself in the forest. I knew I shouldn’t have allowed myself to feed but I can’t avoid the strength of my hunger when that bright full moon comes. My body will reveal the beast that hides inside and my mind will no longer be under my control. Those farmers never would have missed one small sheep I had thought. Now I know as I hear the branches break and the voices in the distance that even if I had not filled my stomach that they would want to slay me simply for being a freak of nature.

San Diego’s D/Wolves recently informed me that they had put together their first full length release titled Freak Of Nature and had released it for free through their Bandcamp. They make an alluring brand of experimental pop that is layered in sound and coats your ears immediately with sonic brilliance after a short intro track called My Sweet Satan then take you through a varied mixture of melodic euphoria that shocks and amazes around every corner. Take the featured and forth track from the full length Pretty Wolves for instance which starts as a somewhat slightly psychedelic dream pop track just waiting to pounce when it takes a turn into a full on wall of headphone melting rock n roll slightly after the one minute mark. If like me you haven’t had a chance to hear their previous EP that is available through their Bandcamp I suggest you head over there and hear their howl soon.

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