I like virtually everyone else, am forced to think about the existence of an afterlife. When doing so I always find myself weighing out my actions on some imaginary scale of justice. I end up crossing my fingers that the positive will overtake the negative and in the end I might be in for an award. However I never know what that rewarding thing might be. Will I be reborn anew to walk this earth again? Will nothing happen as my body just breaks down into the fabric of time? I have never really believed in the prospect of sprouting wings and soaring through the sky. I can’t help thinking though that if there is a chance I that I could watch over you I would do just about anything to get that halo.

In these pages you have bound to have noticed that over the previous year I became a fan of San Francisco’s Blackbird Blackbird and watched as they have grown. After a prolific string of releases including multiple EPs, the LP Summer Heart and tons of great remixes Mikey is starting to get his due at SXSW with an opening slot for Moby at Karma Lounge this Thursday and there is a good chance Blackbird Blackbird will steal the show. Their latest single Halo is another in the long line of quality releases and a bit of a surprise taking a turn to a very vocal affair over warping percussion. Subtle guitars sway about and cymbals slide in and out among that strong vocal passage offering a new side to their endless creativity and showing that no matter how they might choose to express himself the end result is always something new and fresh. Get out there and see the shows if you are in the Austin area and download the latest single through this handy Facebook App.

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