It was a sweltering summer day as I gulped the last shot of whiskey from the bottle and made my way out of the saloon and into the dusty street. Bearskin Bart was already headed up the road on his black horse with a handful of rough men kicking up the dirt behind him. I however didn’t have any sort of following after so many years spent with my new best friend the bottle. Though I was drunk my hand was steady as I took my mark and stance at fifty paces. Bart didn’t seem as nervous as he dismounted and waved to the women gathered on the balcony. At high noon one of us would become a forgotten cold corpse and the other a warm-blooded lizard left to drift the plains.

I’ve been meaning to sit down with the latest release from San Francisco’s Nym for some time now after previewing a couple of the tracks a few days ago and finally had a chance to listen to it at work last night. On this release that he has titled Warm Blooded Lizard is a smooth blend of instrumental Hip-Hop beats laid behind a framework of the classic sounds of the Spaghetti Western. It makes for an interesting and smooth mix from start to finish with smart beat work giving those classic sounds and updated punch. Spanish themed guitar, ringing bells, and perfect use of samples all collide to make a head nodding ride through the old west. The album is available to stream and purchase through Bandcamp and here is a sample of one of the tracks to send you riding over into this creative sunset.

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