I am standing at the corner of Sunset and Santa Monica watching the cars and people go by. In the distance I can hear music playing and the hustle and bustle of the city surrounding me. This is the place that I go to clear my mind even though there is noise all around me. I am able to clear my head while surrounded with those sights and sounds. I am able to zone out into my own thoughts while weighing two sides of any decision that I may need to make. In the end  this spot reminds me that no matter which path I choose, death like the Pacific will await me at the end of either street that leads away from Sunset Junction.

Philadelphia’s Work Drugs have been on a roll this year with three great singles that are getting tons of blog attention and now they have released their forth titled Sunset Junction. This mellow haze filled affair sails along on a relaxed bass line that is partnered with a laid back guitar that floats in and out in between the vocal passages. Speaking of those vocal passages they are a hazy dream that is perfect listening for any sunset you may be watching brightly light up the skyline before your night closes in. Listen to the sample here then head over to Bandcamp where you can pick this and their previous three singles up if somehow you haven’t managed to discover this great new project. Also on the horizon for release next month are the limited Tropic of Cancer/Tropic of Capricorn CD’s which will be available for purchase here with all proceeds going to support their April tour so if you like what you have heard so far pick one up and help them get to your city while  getting seven Work Drugs tracks per handmade CD to call your very own.

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