The phone is ringing and I pick up. He is on the other line ranting and raving like a madman about that lazy bitch at work who makes each of his days a living hell. I’ve heard this tale before and before I know it he is off again down that well-worn path about how she does nothing and can’t stop talking shit about everyone else in the store.  He keeps these things inside at work just allowing them to build and build into these bursts of rage that I am forced to sit through each morning. I pretend to care but honestly all I can think about is the fact that this cell phone is brilliant for delivering these messages of madness from space. It is just another morning and just another set of satellite stories.

Hailing from Oulu Finland comes one of the most fun and upbeat bands I have heard in sometime. I remember hearing their single Helsinki Art Scene a good while back and was excited to see that they had sent me some mail regarding their promo EP in which they included both the previous single and two others that I had yet to hear. From what I can tell this is a great group of guys who love what they do which is playing peppy upbeat pop that is sure to make you go wild and reminisce about that time you got to see them and spent all night dancing. Both singles featured here share this brand of explosive cheer that is perfect for turning your bad day into an evening filled with dancing and smiles. Have a listen here and be on the lookout for more from these polar bear wrestling party people soon.

Satellite Stories – Helsinki Art Scene

Satellite Stories – Mexico

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