It has been days or at least I think it has. I haven’t been able to tell with this much darkness surrounding me. Every hour or so it moves in just a bit closer threatening to trap and overwhelm me. I see it inching in from all directions as I sit huddled in the small space of light left in the center of my room. I am not sure what will happen when it finally reaches me. I haven’t heard from anyone in so long that I am not sure what has been going on outside. Afraid to walk into that darkness while blindly reaching for a door that I no longer even know exists I have just tried to keep myself sane in this dwindling spot of light. The world outside has all but disappeared behind these white walls painted black.

Plastic Flowers which is a duo based between the UK and Greece recently sent me an email concerning their most recent 7″ release titled White Walls Painted Black. They have offered the single up through their Bandcamp and it is an emotional instrumental ride. Blending both electronic and traditional elements they slowly build the track up from its opening passage. Guitar creeps in slowly and is joined by marching electronic drum beats and stuttered bass tones as the track begins to build. By the two and a half-minute mark all of its pieces have come together to create a stunning and moving peak that will keep your headphones held hostage. They also informed me that there had been a video made for the track by Wooden Lens that you can view through Vimeo here. If like me you have yet to hear their previous EP that is also available through their Bandcamp and gives you a sample of their vocal work as well as their knack for making moving instrumental compositions. Here is a taste of White Walls Painted Black and pay their Bandcamp a visit to hear more soon.

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