What are you? You are my strength telling me to work through the pain and to never stop chasing success. You are my heart beating fast like the first time that you laid your hand in mine. You are the reason that I push myself to always be on top and to not doubt myself or my abilities. You are the light at the end of the tunnel guiding me toward your open loving arms. You are all of these things and with you by my side they can never invade my thoughts and try to make me something I am not. With you by my side I am incorruptible.

While continuing to work on his latest album Emay has found the time to release a brand new EP that he is calling incorruptible. The EP consists of seven tracks that each help to show off his talents as both a rapper and producer as well as one track that highlights the brilliant things that come about when he collaborates with other talented and creative musicians. On each of his solo tracks his voice is a powerful weapon and his arsenal continues to grow and highlight the fact that he is one of the freshest things going in Hip-Hop. He also included two instrumental tracks that allow his production work a chance to stand on its own. There is also this great featured collaboration with Evan Abeele on the keys and a killer vocal section provided by Optimist Park which I am using to give you a sample of just what you might expect from the full EP. Head over to his official website or his Bandcamp now and have a listen or download and keep on the look out for his full length and the Seeing Suge project with Blackbird Blackbird and Star Slinger.

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