She sends currents rushing through my body with a simple touch of her hand. That greeting smile so warming that I melt instantly and forget the world around me centering my spotlight on that face. From the moment that we both met it was just moving through us. No words needed to be said and no apologies needed to be made for either of us just being who we were. All that we needed was that first meeting of the eyes to send my mind reeling and wondering about her mystery. It wasn’t about some ideal meaning of finding someone perfect for you as there was no standard or type in which we had to fit. We went beyond those stereotypical justifications of what is needed to begin a relationship in order to find out that in the end we only needed to be on the same frequency.

The long-awaited return of the artist responsible for one of if not my favorite EP‘s of last year unouomedude has finally arrived in the form of the Frequency “7 single. The A-side takes the song on a quest to find what really makes an Indie Rock track kill then proceed to package it perfectly with an addictive guitar line and smart tender lyrics that break and fix your heart all at the same time. If guitar isn’t your weapon of choice on the B-side you are greeted with a laid back bass rumbling beat filled ride over a Screwed backing vocal. You can pick up the single both through his Bandcamp and his own official site and be on the lookout for more soon from one of the best up and coming young acts out there.

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